Our Services

Consultancy & Design

Consultancy is set apart from others in the Engineering field as we constantly strive to develop technological, innovative and creative solutions for our clients. We are highly versatile, offering solutions in various areas such as real estate http://www.besthouseturkey.com, business development, Purchasing service, GRP Pipe Plants, Cement Factories, Industrial Construction, and Development Projects.

Environmental Technologies

“The effective and innovative solutions for your water need and environmental impact”
STend has forged a strong reputation in technology by designing and supplying products and service packages to worldwide clients for the industrial water treatment and drinking water treatment for factories, shopping malls and hotels. STEND Consulting is cooperating with http://www.teknomkimya.com.tr for any inquiry.

Pipeline & Fitting Product Group

We specialize in the pipeline business and cooperate with the biggest pipe manufacturers in Turkey for the international market. We have finalised many water mains, sewerage, irrigation and HEPP pressure pipeline projects. Highly specialized experts consult your project from beginning till delivery. We are glad to offer you GRP pipe, SAW Steel Pipe, Ductile Pipe, PVC pipe, HDPE and fittings related to the pipes.

Machinery & Spare Parts

Success is being in the right place at the right time. Hence we know that time, and economical solution is very significant for the projects. Based on this logic, we are glad to offer you different equipment, machinery and construction tools. Thanks to our specialized staff and cooperators, we serve both used and new machinery per the client’s demands. So do not hesitate to ask us any machinery requirements.

Have a Project?

We know the necessity! Hence our organization is ready for you to serve as a turn-key Project Partner, Solution Provider & Consultant from Turkey under the best conditions. If you are interested in any other theme from the above mentioned list, do not hesitate to contact with us.

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